How exporters benefit from our Indo-Pacific strategy

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Business and investment opportunities in the Indo-Pacific region are too big to ignore. With 40 countries, more than four billion people and $47.19 trillion in economic activity, the Indo-Pacific is the world’s fastest-growing region. By 2030, it will be home to two-thirds of the global middle class, as economic growth boosts income for millions of households. Countries throughout Asia and the Indo-Pacific region are investing in supply chain resilience, infrastructure, sustainability, cleantech, and digital transformation. Canadian products and services have a strong reputation in the region, and we can play a significant role in the Indo-Pacific’s continued development.

Export Development Canada (EDC) is committed to deepening Canadian trade and investment across Asia. Our Indo-Pacific strategy will build a progressive, inclusive Canadian trade ecosystem designed to make market entry easier for Canadian companies in this high-growth, high-potential region. We’re increasing our investment in the Indo-Pacific and expanding our presence on the ground, so we can more effectively:

  • Help new entrants get started by de-risking the market
  • Get closer to our in-market customers
  • Collect and share market knowledge with Canadian exporters
  • Build strategic relationships with local market leaders
  • Connect Canadian businesses to Indo-Pacific supply chains
  • Offer products tailored to the market

Our plans align with the Government of Canada’s broader Indo-Pacific strategy and goals for trade diversification. Leading with our commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) and inclusive trade, we’re making the long-term investments in the Indo-Pacific that will enable Canadian exporters and investors to diversify, create good jobs at home, and deliver economic and social benefits in the countries where Canadians do business. That’s the export impact.

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