‘Nothing is impossible for me’

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A devastating fire destroyed a small business inside a warehouse in South Fulton last September.

“Nothing is impossible for me and I think that is the true phrase for Play Pits post-fire,” Chantel Powell said.

Powell, who is the CEO of Play Pits, still remembers the 3 am phone call that changed her life in early September 2022.

“I could see the smoke from the highway. I had no idea that I would see the level of fire. It was explosive because the neighbors had propane gas and oxygen that caused an explosion,” Powell said.

The massive fire in South Fulton at the Atlanta Custom Iron Works changed the trajectory of her business.

“From that day forward, I’ve woken up every day, and just kept moving forward,” Powell said.

Powell’s company started with a focus on children’s deodorant but has rapidly expanded to adult brands. She developed a loyal customer base she lovingly calls her ‘under army’.

“We were down for a little while, but now it’s bigger and better,” Powell said.

Six months later, and she’s found a new home at what’s called the E-Comm Spaces in southwest Atlanta. It’s a building and company that helps small businesses with fulfilling and shipping orders.

“Tough times will happen. Tough times are a part of life. You hear people say ‘life be life-ing’, well life will be life, but that’s how you manage and navigate the situations,” Powell said.

As her company emerges from the ashes, she still looks out for others.

“We’ve been able to give back to the community. We sponsored a youth gala for football and a team called rare breed,” Powell said.

Powell says she is making sure to turn what was sent as a test into a testimony.

“It’s truly amazing. It’s a testament that nothing is impossible for sure,” Powell said.

The product is sold on its website, but can also be found at Target and on Amazon.

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