OGS Capital Launches E2 Visa Business Plan in United States of America

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Published February 9, 2023

OGS Capital has announced the launch of its E2 Visa Business Plan service to help individuals and organizations set up their business in the United States of America. The E2 visa is a residency permit that allows foreign entrepreneurs to invest in a US-based business venture or start a new one. Approval for the visa requires a comprehensive and well-structured business plan, which is where OGS Capital comes in.

The E2 Visa Business Plan from OGS Capital includes 11 essential sections, including an executive summary, competitive analysis, goals, mission and vision, operational strategies, services, organizational structure and recruitment plan, financial model, market research, company overview, action plan, and management team. The plan is designed to grab the attention of immigration officers and highlight the positive aspects of the target business enterprise. The plan must also provide a detailed and concise overview of the company, including its structure, employee profiles, and the plans for growth and expansion. OGS Capital’s E2 Visa Business Plan will help entrepreneurs achieve their dream of setting up a business in the United States. To set up business in the United States of America any person or organization representative would need an E2 Visa Plan and OGS Capital has launched this service plan. This helps them to get a residency permit as well as the allowance to set up a business there. However, they must provide a lucrative business to get approval for this visa. It allows them to invest in already established business ventures or start up a new one on their own.

11-Steps to formulate an E2 Visa Business Plan

Executive Summary

This section contains a brief but lucrative overview of the enterprise to grab the attention of the immigration team or officers. It must aptly portray the positive sides of the target enterprise. It also includes how the different programs of the business are to be executed.

Competitive Analysis

This section includes the novelty of the business enterprise and describes how it would be distinguished from other enterprises in the same market. It would throw light on how the enterprise would be a success even though there would be existing competitors having a strong hold over the market.

Goals, Missions, Vision

In this section, the aims and objectives of the business enterprise should be explained in detail. It should clearly state what are the goals of the organization and if its target is consumer satisfaction or profit maximization. In this case, it is recommended that a subtle way of saying the target be used.

Operational Strategies

This section states the various strategies and operations planned ahead of time to ensure the smooth running of the business enterprise. This is one of the most important sections of the E2 visa business plan documentation.


The document must elaborate what are the services that are to be offered by the business enterprise. This might also include the products that are to be sent out to the market by the organization.

Organizational structure and Recruitment Plan

This section of the document discusses the organizational form and structure of the business enterprise, it also includes the recruitment plans and what qualifications the already working members claim to have.

Financial Models

This module discusses the monetary background of the business plan. It throws light on what are the financial securities that the enterprise has, what are its plans for expansion, and also the projection of profits and coverage of losses.

Market Research

Market research is very essential for any business enterprise, it enlightens them about the competitors in the market, potential customers and target audience for their firm. It also helps in the planning process of business operations.

Company Overview

This module must provide detailed and concise data on the company structure, employee profile and the order or hierarchy followed in the proceedings of any business operation in the firm.

Action Plan

This section is the main area of ‚Äč‚Äčnotice for the immigration officer and it decides the fate of the enterprise. Make sure that in this section diplomatically describe the business plans and the course of action for expansion and growth.

Management Team

This includes the profiles of the key personnel or employees and provides a database for smoother communication. This discusses how the management team works and what are the duties of the various departments.


This documentation helps entrepreneurs to get a grant for setting up their business in the USA as well as it also allows them to invest in existing business ventures.

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