Pete Davidson Jokes He and Colin Jost Are ‘In the Hole’ With Their Ferry, Shares 5-Year Business Plan

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Pete Davidson may not have thought of it through when he decided to join Colin Jost in buying a massive ferry, but more than a year after the purchase the comedian’s got plans in motion, and he admits it’s because he’s feeling the pressure!

While talking to Seth Meyers on his Family Trips podcast, the 29-year-old comedian for the first time shared some specifics when it comes to what he and Jost plan to do with the Staten Island Ferry they invested in back in January 2022 (after he and Jost got “very stoned”) .

“So, we just got all the plans built,” Davidson said. “We had them do one of those computer generated, you know, show-you-what-it-could-be type of thing. And now we’re out to a few people and it seems like it’s all going well, but it’s definitely five years away.”

The goal, Davidson said, is to transform the ferry into a floating party vessel.

“We want to be able to dock it from April to September, maybe October, in New York and it will be like a restaurant. There will be a concert venue. There will be a movie theater, upstairs like, sort of, restaurant area, ” he said. “And then there’s hotels in it. So, we’ll have a couple of those. And then in the winter tug it to Miami.”

the Late Night the host seemed impressed, prompting him to react by saying, “So, you’ve thought this through.”

Well, yes and no.

“Yeah we have to ’cause we’re in the hole!” Davidson shot back. “Colin called me and he was like, ‘Hey, can you hop on this call about the ferry?’ And I was like, ‘We’re still doing that thing?!’ He’s like, ‘Yeah. This is pretty serious.’ And it is. I had no idea. I saw a link and sent a deposit and now I’m stuck with af***ing boat. It’s really funny, dude.”

However, a rep for Davidson tells ET he was joking about being in the hole.

As for the name of the ferry, it’s the Staten Island Ferry, but that wasn’t the boat’s legal name at first. Davidson said they jokingly named it Titanic 2 on the LLC when they purchased the boat.

“That was Colin’s idea,” Davidson quipped.

He added, “It’s kinda funny that this will be a lifelong problem for me and Colin.”

Hence, why Davidson jokingly (we think) asked Meyers if he’d like to invest.

“I do not,” Meyers quickly answered, to which Davidson responded with, “I like this close to texting [Dave] Chappelle asked ‘How interested are you in ferries?'”

Last month, while on the red carpet for the premiere of Transformers: Rise of the Beasts at Kings Theater in New York City, ET asked Davidson if he was planning on throwing an after-party on his ferry.

“Yeah, if it’s not sunk!” Davidson said with a laugh.

Meyers’ podcast episode with Davidson aired on the same day ET learned that the comedian had entered rehab just weeks after being charged with misdemeanor reckless driving following a March car crash.

A source told ET that the Bupkis star is in rehab for mental health issues and is working to “get back on track.”


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