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With a growing community of small businesses and regional or national chains eyeing the city for new locations, Fond du Lac is seeing a lot of activity.

The new Streetwise newsletter can help you keep track of these business happenings.

I’ve taken on several roles in and around the Fond du Lac Reporter over the last few years, but now I’m focused on giving readers the latest on our local businesses, from what’s opening and closing to who’s making waves in the business community .

I grew up in Fond du Lac, so I know from a street-walking perspective of asking questions like, “What’s going into that building there?” and “Where should I meet my friend for coffee?”

I also recall, just several years ago, how it seemed like there wasn’t much to do in the city. Since then, I’ve had the privilege to talk with many local business leaders and owners who aim to change that.

Sifting through the news can be hard, so here’s something you can rely on: If you sign up for the Fond du Lac Streetwise newsletter, I’ll compile my latest local business stories to be delivered right to your inbox every other Thursday.

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I’ll tell you all about the most recent Streetwise articles, highlight other regional business stories and even give you a preview of the future stories I’m working on.

For example, earlier this month, I wrote about Katrina Grill, a new Tex-Mex restaurant serving up a mix of Fond du Lac favorites and Mexican classics for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

But in less sunny news, I also covered the upcoming closure of the Elkay Interior Systems (EIS) Fond du Lac facility, in which 77 employees will lose their jobs.

Finally, I’m collecting your favorite burgers across Fond du Lac-area restaurants — keeping them coming, and check in next week to see what other readers are saying.

After you sign up for the newsletter, send any tips and feedback to me at [email protected] and spread the Streetwise newsletter news to your favorite people.

This article originally appeared on Fond du Lac Reporter: Fond du Lac Streetwise newsletter keeps you updated on business news

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