Some tips to create a good CV

Are you looking for a job, or do you simply want to redo your CV? Know that the latter is your professional showcase. It must therefore be perfect to give you every chance of landing the job of your dreams. Some elements are essential to catch the eye of the recruiter, here are our tips of what to put in a CV?

Write a good resume title

To give you the best possible chance of landing the job of your dreams, your CV must stick as closely as possible to the offer you have applied for. The title is naturally the first thing the potential employer sees in your CV. Therefore, it should be well written, short, impactful and corresponds to the exact title of the job sought.

Put a hook under the title of your CV

This section corresponds to your professional profile. So, this is a great opportunity to attract the recruiter. This part should say enough about you, about what you have done to make the recruiter want to read your CV in its entirety. It is therefore important to include all the information that will interest a recruiter: your professional experience, your skills (language, IT, etc.) or your diplomas.

Use a template layout

For the layout of your CV, you can use a free template. For a more refined and original layout, you can, of course, start from a CV template that has already been laid out. For example, you can find more than 30 CV examples to download here. The site offers fully customizable CV layout templates tailored to your needs.

Impress the recruiter by using the best format and concise presentation

If the content is important, the form of a CV is just as important. A completely empty CV, or conversely very full, can quickly get messy. To prevent your CV from being put aside by a recruiter, and to give you every chance of landing a job interview, we advise you to use the best formatting. On the other hand, place the most relevant presentation first and don’t forget to include the presentation title in italics.

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