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Fukushima nuclear plant water release raises worries for businesses

8 min read

IWAKI, Japan –

Beach season has started across Japan, which means seafood for holiday makers and good times for business owners. But in Fukushima, that may end soon.

Within weeks, the tsunami-hit Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is expected to start releasing treated radioactive wastewater into the sea, a highly contested plan still facing fierce protests in and outside Japan.

Residents worry that the water discharge, 12 years after the nuclear disaster, could deal another set back to Fukushima’s image and hurt their businesses and livelihoods.

“Without a healthy ocean, I cannot make a living.” said Yukinaga Suzuki, a 70-year-old

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Threads collect so much sensitive information it’s a ‘hacker’s dream,’ experts say – Business News

6 min read

It knows when you’ve been online shopping, the last time you worked out and whether you’ve been lurking on your ex’s profile.

Meta’s new social media platform Threads is gobbling up massive amounts of sensitive data on its 100 million users and counting.

The specificity and quantity of information the text and multimedia platform can access

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Business owner arrested, charged in $9 million San Francisco investment fund fraud

2 min read

A federal grand jury in San Francisco has indicted a business owner for defrauding investors and a bank to the tune of over $9 million, the US Department of Justice said Monday.

Joon Woo Kim, 57, of the City of Montebello in Los Angeles County, was arrested Monday in New Haven and appeared in US District Court in Connecticut to face the charges.

Kim allegedly induced investors to contribute to a fund he created in San Francisco called the M5 Doctors Fund by making false statements and omissions about the kinds of investments he would make while managing the fund’s

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Alberta filed 1st ever charges against a carbon offset firm. Here’s why they may not be the last

7 min read

For the first time ever, a Canadian province has charged a business for providing false information related to carbon offsets, a spokesperson for Alberta’s Environment Ministry said, underscoring the sometimes murky activities of companies in a complicated, rapidly growing industry worth hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

Carbon offsets are bought and sold under a trading system with governments putting a price on carbon dioxide emissions to compel companies to fight climate change.

Since 2007, Alberta has run a mandatory carbon offset system for large emitters, such as oil and gas companies, landfills and food processing firms. If they produce

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WestJet shutting down discount airline Swoop

3 min read

WestJet is shutting down its budget airline, Swoop.

The company made the announcement in a news release Friday, noting that the ratification of its recent deal with its pilots allows it to integrate all of its staff at various airlines into a single banner.

“As negotiated in the collective agreement, the WestJet Group will now begin integration efforts of its ultra-low-cost airline, Swoop,” the airline said.

“Through an expedited process, the airline anticipates a full integration into its mainline operations by the end of October. To avoid traveler impact, Swoop will operate its existing network through to the end of

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Terminating Your Physician Employment Agreement

3 min read

Many of our physician clients are unaware of their termination rights prior to meeting with us.

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If you want to terminate your employment, the first thing you need to do is read your contract.

Most physician employment agreements have substantial termination provisions. You need to know what yours says regarding termination with and without cause, what notice is required, and what other provisions will be triggered by termination.


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So you gave personal info to a company caught in a data breach. Now what?

5 min read

Hacks, ransomware attacks and data breaches seem to be in the news more and more often — and many people are getting alerts that their information has been compromised in the process.

Just this week, Petro-Points members learned an unauthorized party had obtained their basic contact information, such as mailing and email addresses, phone numbers and dates of birth. Petro-Canada sent an email to its customers to watch out for unusual emails and messages as a result.

In February, a ransomware attack on Indigo compromised the data of current and former employees. And late last year, thousands of people in

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Small plane with at least six people on board crashes in California

2 min read

At least six people were on board a small plane when it crashed in California early Saturday morning, the Federal Aviation Administration confirmed to CBS News.

The Cessna C550 business jet crashed at around 4:15 am local time near the French Valley Airport in Murrieta, California in Riverside County. The craft was “down in a field” and “fully involved in fire,” the Riverside County Fire Department tweeted on Saturday. The fire burned “approximately one acre of vegetation” and was contained at about 5:35 am

Officials did not provide information about the passengers’ conditions. CBS News has reached out to