‘That happened on Donald Trump’s watch’

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Chris ChristieAP/Matt Rourke

  • Former New Jersey governor and current GOP presidential candidate appeared on “Fox News Tonight” on Tuesday.

  • On it, he blamed former President Donald Trump for North Korea’s weaponry advancements.

  • “That happened on Donald Trump’s watch,” he said.

GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie blamed former President Donald Trump for North Korean weapon advancements in a televised interview.

Christie, the former governor of New Jersey, pushed back against “Fox News Tonight” guest host Piers Morgan, who suggested that adversarial leaders such as North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and Russia’s Vladimir Putin were dissuaded from improving their missile technology and advancing its military toward Ukraine, respectively.

“I don’t think by calling Kim Jong Un a great guy he stopped him from continuing to develop missile technology that now allows those missiles to reach the United States,” Christie said to Morgan. “That happened on Donald Trump’s watch.”

Christie continued, this time pointing to Morgan’s point of how Russia didn’t invade Ukraine until Biden became president.

“He doesn’t answer for that, either,” Christie noted. “And he doesn’t answer for holding back military aid from Ukraine to try to get dirt on Joe Biden.

Christie, a long-shot candidate who previously supported Trump for president in 2016 and 2020, has been on a spree as of late degrading the 45th president.

In early July, Christie called out Trump for posting the Obamas’ purported DC address on social media, ultimately leading to an armed January 6 defendant staking out the home.

“It’s like calling the special counsel a ‘crackhead,’ it’s like putting out a former president’s address,” Christie said. “It is irresponsible conduct.”

And after Trump dodged a question in a televised town hall about which country he wanted to win the war with Russia, Ukraine or Russia, Christie hopped onto the opportunity to take aim at Trump.

“Donald Trump refused to say tonight that he wanted Ukraine to win the war with Russia,” he tweeted. “More proof that he continues to be Putin’s puppet.”

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