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July 12, 2023 —

Kiran Pedada, Assistant Professor of Marketing and F. Ross Johnson Fellow at Asper, has been invited to join the illustrious editorial review board (ERB) at the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (JAMS).

A Financial Times 50 journal, JAMS is a top publication for scholars seeking to publish their high-quality, theoretically strong, and managerially relevant research in marketing.

“The JAMS the invitation is an immense honor, and I am excited to accept!” said Pedada. “ERB members are chosen based on their past review records for the journal and their recent publications. My appointment underscores the leading-edge relevant research that Asper faculty conducts around the world.”

A committed marketing researcher, Pedada’s recent work has focused on the financial and social impact of marketing as well as marketing strategies for digital environments in emerging markets. One of his ongoing projects investigates the impact of hiring women from difficult-to-reach and underprivileged villages in India on the social performance of social enterprises.

“My research has important implications for social enterprises and policy makers. Women microentrepreneurs are twice as likely to align with the enterprise’s social mission than men. Therefore, supporting women microentrepreneurs not only contributes directly to the UNDP’s gender equality goal, but also positively impacts the performance of social enterprises,” Pedada said.

Pedada joined Asper in 2022 and has since taught undergraduate and graduate courses in marketing management, marketing communications and marketing strategy. By accepting this board position, Pedada joins the exclusive list of Asper professors who have served on the FT50 journal editorial boards.

“The journal’s impressive five-year impact factor of 17,993 reflects its commitment to publishing impactful, frequently cited research on marketing. I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity to contribute to such a prestigious journal by reviewing papers for it and to help drive its mission forward,” added Pedada.

Pedada’s new role marks another achievement for Asper faculty, who continues to demonstrate research excellence across departments and disciplines. Recently, Asper’s business administration assistant professors Ratchel Zeng and Yifan Wei published articles in FT50 journals. Zeng’s article, “Navigating MNE control and coordination: A critical review and directions for future research,” was published by the Journal of International Business Studieswhile Wei’s piece, “Corporate Political Connections: A Multidisciplinary Review” appeared in the Journal of Management.

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