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Which Well-Established, Long-Term Broker Is Really Better?

Fidelity vs.  Charles Schwabs

Fidelity vs. Charles Schwabs

As investing platforms, Charles Schwab and Fidelity make for a very apples-to-apples comparison. Both are long-standing brokerage houses with a history of financial management, personal advising and retail services. Both have introduced online trading platforms in the form of apps and websites. And both offer full service platforms with a wide variety of assets and information available to individual traders. Your choice of a brokerage could have a major impact on your long-term finances. Consider speaking with a financial advisor about it.

Fidelity vs. Charles Schwab: Fees

There are generally four types of fees that an

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Yao was given small business, northern development position by Smith

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Tany Yao has been named parliamentary secretary for small business and northern development. Premier Danielle Smith appointed Yao to the position on Thursday, and named seven other MLAs to parliamentary secretary posts.

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Yao will report to Matt Jones, Alberta’s minister of jobs, economy and trade.

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Delivering Loan Transparency For Small-Business Owners

Carolina Martinez is CEO of CAMEOa California micro-business network, and an expert on small business and CDFIs.

Over the past four years, Darren Preston turned his Malibu’s Burgers food truck into one of the most popular restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area. Despite the lines out the door and rave reviews, Malibu’s filed for bankruptcy early last year. The cause had nothing to do with the food. What appeared to be a standard loan from an online lender turned out to be a receivables purchase agreement, a complicated arrangement loaded with hidden fees and sky-high interest rates

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Small Business Tech Roundup: Instagram Releases Its Twitter-Killer

Here are five things in tech that happened this week and how they affect your business. Did you miss them?

1 – Threads – Instagram’s Twitter

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Halle Berry Bomb Pops – Maria Mind Body Health

It’s my dear friend Halle Berry’s birthday on August 14th but with the 4th of July coming soon, I thought I must share my special recipe for Halle Berry Bomb Pops this month!

As many of you know, I had the great pleasure of making friends with the beautiful Halle Berry and she wrote the forward for my Sugar Free Kids cookbook!

I wanted to write a very special keto recipe for Halle Berry’s birthday so my boys and I created Halle Berry Bomb Pops which is a recipe found in my Sugar Free Kids cookbook!

Halle Berry is the

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The Latest Science on PSMF, Carnivore & Keto: How to Manipulate Macros to Achieve Your Goals!

So many of you have been asking me to hold another class because you learned so much in the last class that Craig and I decided to teach all of you the latest science!

We are always on the hunt for the latest science on how our bodies work and this NEW class will BLOW YOUR MIND! I only wish I had time to teach the class before September!

The first protein sparing class (which you can still get the recording HERE) gives you all the details about what PSMF (Pure Protein) days are all about, the science and biology

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Small businesses struggling to make rent: report

Rising rents are taking their toll on small-business owners nationwide, according to a new report.

More than half of small-business owners polled by the small business network Alignable reported their rent was higher in June than it was six months ago. Some noted their rents have increased by 20%.

Alignable’s June Small Business Rent Report is based on responses from 4,801 randomly selected small-business owners polled between June 5-27, along with data from 18 months of previous surveys.

Close to 40 percent of small business owners struggled to make their payments on time, tying April for the highest delinquency rate

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Chick Boss Cake owner urges small businesses to speak out about London vandalism – London

After a recent break-in, a London, Ont., business owner is speaking out about the rising incidents of vandalism and encouraging other businesses to do so as well.

Rebecca Hamilton, the owner of Chick Boss Cake on Wellington Street just south of Horton, says that the Friday night break-in was just the latest of at least five, along with multiple incidents of vandalism towards their branded vehicles.

The incident was captured on a surveillance camera, newly installed after the previous break-in.

London police have confirmed to 980 CFPL that an investigation into the incident is ongoing.

Chick Boss Cakes has three