G20 finance chiefs set to discuss reforms to development banks, crypto, debt

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – Finance ministers and central bank governors of the G20 member nations are set to meet and discuss reforms to multilateral development banks, a framework for crypto assets and debt treatment of some countries, an Indian government official said Wednesday.

India, which holds this year’s G20 presidency, will host global finance chiefs and deputies in the western state of Gujarat between July 14-18.

The first volume of a report on strengthening multilateral development banks by an expert group set up under the G20 and a “guidance note” to develop a globally coordinated framework for regulation and supervision


G7 finance chiefs to meet July 16, will discuss Ukraine, global taxation

By Tetsushi Kajimoto

TOKYO (Reuters) -Financial leaders from the Group of Seven (G7) advanced countries will hold talks on July 16 on the sidelines of the broader G20 meeting in India, Japanese Finance Minister Shunichi Suzuki said on Friday.

The G7 groups Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States.

“Support for Ukraine, MDBs (multilateral development banks) reform and international taxation will be discussed at this meeting,” Suzuki added. “We have no plan to issue a statement but we will lead debates to resolve problems of the world’s faces.”

Separately, the G20 under the chair of India will


We’re Entering a New Era of Shady Campaign Finance

You don’t become a billionaire without being clever with money, but Doug Burgum’s latest scheme is a head-scratcher: The North Dakota governor is offering $20 gift cards to people who donate one greenback dollar to his presidential campaign. His fellow candidate Vivek Ramaswamy is offering a 10 percent commission to anyone who brings in donations. A super PAC supporting Miami Mayor Francis Suarez is offering one donor a year of free college tuition.

Critics have long pointed out how big money distorts politics, but these fundraising stunts demonstrate how now even small money has come to warp campaigns. These GOP


Western Canada: Alberta’s new finance minister will need all the help he can get

Good morning, Mark Iype in Edmonton today.

It has been a busy week in Alberta politics as we head toward Canada Day. There was talk of political interference in the murky hiring and un-hiring of former provincial chief medical officer of health Deena Hinshaw at the start of the week and rustling from the right flank of the United Conservative Party by Take Back Alberta and its leader Dave Parker at mid-week. By Thursday, all eyes turned to the province’s newest Finance Minister, Nate Horner.

Exactly one month after the UCP led by Premier Danielle Smith won a second consecutive


Gen Z is seeing the appeal of finance jobs, as cost-of-living concerns rise, a new survey finds


Gen Z is putting more stock in careers in finance, with one in four recent graduates considering it a top sector for career prospects.Photo by ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

  • A new study reveals that Gen Z thinks finance is the best industry for future career prospects.

  • A quarter of graduates said finance is the No. 1 industry for career prospects — up from No. 5 in 2021.

  • Part of the reason may be the money: Graduates’ top career fear is low pay.

At the end of the day, money talks.

A mid-June survey conducted by the CFA Institute,


Finance barriers are hurting Global South’s climate transitions | Climate Crisis

In East Africa, start-up company Ampersand Solar has a plan to transition millions of “boda boda” taxi drivers to cheaper, cleaner electric motorcycles.

In Nigeria, energy company Phoenix Edison is ready to build the country’s first waste-to-energy project, reducing municipal waste and carbon emissions.

In Kenya, fertilizer maker Safi Organics is converting local biomass waste into fertilizers and is aiming to provide farmers with income from carbon credits.

These projects are proven and ready to grow. They will create jobs, reduce emissions and promote sustainable development. But they and many similar business ventures around the developing world are struggling to


Average funeral cost

The last thing anyone wants to worry about is how to finance a funeral when a loved one passes away. According to the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA), the median cost of funerals with a viewing and burial was around $7,848 in 2021, while funerals with cremation cost a median of $6,971. With costs in all sectors continuing to rise, a life insurance policy could become more important than ever. Policies can be purchased in advance to help cover the cost of a funeral and relieve some of the stress on your grieving family.

Key takeaways

  • According to the National


How to solve Canada’s slow-moving retirement crisis

Fraser Stark: Every Canadian who can comfortably navigate their own retirement finances is one less person requiring expensive subsidized care from the public purse