Crypto’s Peer-to-Peer Exchanges Lose Ground in a Shrunken Market

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(Bloomberg) — Crypto exchanges that connect buyers and sellers directly without Wall Street-style middlemen are under pressure to improve their services amid a decline in market share.

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These so-called decentralized platforms facilitate trading via algorithmic, blockchain-based software known as smart contracts, with users retaining custody of tokens rather than handing them to an intermediary institution.

Crypto diehards predicted a golden period for peer-to-peer trading venues such as Uniswap and dYdX after last November’s collapse of the FTX exchange, which undermined trust in centralized platforms that take control of tokens.

But that hasn’t panned out: monthly spot


Alberta finance minister instructed to address rising auto, home insurance costs

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Alberta’s finance minister must recommend ways the provincial government can make cars and home insurance more affordable, says his mandate letter from Premier Danielle Smith.

With a Dec. 31 expiry date looming on a temporary auto-insurance rate pause in Alberta, Finance Minister Nate Horner is tasked with developing short-term and long-term solutions to ever-climbing insurance costs.

Horner said he was resisting pressure to adopt a no-fault auto insurance system, adding that such a major change would need a mandate from Albertans.

“You’re basically giving up your ability to sue,” he said in a Thursday interview. “If you’re hurt in a


MPs to grill top City firms on sexism in the finance sector

City of London commuters (AFP via Getty Images)

City of London commuters (AFP via Getty Images)

MPs are set to grill top City firms on their lackluster efforts towards gender equality, launching a new inquiry into sexism in the UK finance sector.

The committee is today calling for evidence “on the barriers faced by women in financial services”.

Among the topics to be covered will be the gender pay gap, sexual harassment and the roles of the Government and regulators in acting as “gender equality role models”.

The committee examined the same topic in 2018, and hopes the new review will uncover whether there has been sufficient progress


Layer-2 DeFi Project Rodeo Finance Hacked for 472 Ethereum

Arbitrum-based Rodeo Finance has lost $888,000 in a recent attack.

A “Force Investment” hack was deployed, allowing the attacker to steal 472 Ethereum ($888,000). The wallet later sent 150 ETH into the Tornado Cash mixer, leaving 371 ETH remaining in the wallet.

The exploiter originally funded 50 ETH from Tornado Cash to execute the hack.

Arbitrum is a popular layer-2 scaling solution for the Ethereum network that uses optimistic roll-up technology.

Blockchain security firm PeckShield first highlighted the attack on Twitter with a link to the attack transaction commenting, “Hi, @Rodeo_Finance you may want to take a look.”

The attacker


Financial gifts: Everything you need to know before helping your loved ones financially

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Financial gifts: Everything you need to know before helping your loved ones financially

From taxes to family tension around the inheritance, does your plan cover everything?

Approaching retirement is undoubtedly an exciting time for many, as their decades-long journey of diligent savings and hard work is rewarded with new and exciting pursuits. However, over the past few years, the feeling of excitement has been dampened by economic uncertainty around interest rates, inflation and housing markets. This is especially true for those who are balancing the desire to help their children get ahead financially, while also ensuring they have their


Coping with the crushing reality of the sandwich generation

Five tools to manage stress when it hits

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There is a perception that my role as an investment and wealth adviser is to focus on “the numbers.” In reality, that could not be further from the truth. Managing wealth


Quinoa Beet Salad – JennifersKitchen

Let me be very clear. I do not like beets. I’ve spent over fifty years disliking beets.

I’ve tried them boiled (gag-inducing), roasted (almost tolerable, but no), raw (the additional chewing required just prolongs the misery), and picked (where’s the bathroom?).

Quinoa Beet Salad Ingredients

To me, beets taste like garden dirt laced with a little bit of sugar. Interestingly, there is validity to that perception. Beets contain a naturally-occurring compound called geosmin, and geosmin gives beets their dirt-like . . . er. . . earthy flavour.

Some people like this earthy flavor.

I’m not one of them.

Just as interesting – at least


Benefits of Eating Meat | Diabetic Mediterranean Diet

July 1, 2023 · 2:15 PM

Mucho protein, amigo

I found a review article at Animal Frontiers that makes the argument in favor of meat consumption. The authors admit little focus on the downsides of eating meat. I’ve been cutting back on my meat consumption out of sympathy for the animals. Here are some of the key points verbatim:

  • Aspects of human anatomy, digestion, and metabolism diverged from other primates, indicating evolutionary reliability on, and compatibility with, substantial meat intake. Implications of a disconnect from evolutionary dietary patterns may contribute to today’s burden of disease, increasing the risk for both