25 Best Personal Finance and Investing Blogs

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In this article, we will examine 25 best personal finance and investing blogs. If you want to skip the detailed analysis, visit 10 Best Personal Finance and Investing Blogs.

Blogs about personal finance and investment offer information and instructional materials on a range of financial and investing topics. Saving, budgeting, debt management, investing tactics, retirement planning, and other subjects are covered. These blogs assist investors in staying informed, increasing their financial literacy, and making wise financial decisions. These blogs are frequently written by people with various educational backgrounds, professional experiences, and financial beliefs. Investors can examine numerous investing ideas, tactics and opinions thanks to the diversity of perspectives. Through our take on the best personal finance and investing blogs, individuals can find resources that can help them manage their finances better.

A Forbes-Advisor-commissioned survey found out that 79% of millennials and Gen Z are getting financial advice from social media. Some of the trendy platforms, in this regard, are YouTube and TikTok. However, as experts would tell you, getting financial advice from self-proclaimed “gurus” on TikTok is a bad start. There are many reputable personal finance and investment sites on the web where dedicated and certified experts provide sound financial/investment advice.

Market Overview

Many Americans have racked up a lot of debt in large part because of financial mismanagement. As of August 2022, household debt had climbed by $2 trillion since the end of 2019.

According to our research, there are 64% of Americans who are living paycheck to paycheck, with some not having enough money to handle a $1,000 emergency, and the impending economic downturn will only make matters worse. Individuals must handle their money wisely now more than ever.

This brings us to personal financial management. It includes budgeting, debt management, investing, and retirement planning. It may also cover strategies for acquiring money, protecting it through insurance, and ensuring that it is passed on to the intended beneficiaries.

Individuals can prepare for a debt-free life by learning how to manage their finances so they can take control of their financial concerns and have a strategy to deal with the pricey shocks life can throw at them.

Importance of Financial Knowledge in 2023

Large businesses can hire firms as well as individuals for financial management. However, small businesses may not be able to afford such luxuries. A small business requires more funds as it grows and expands over time to support its development and growth goals.

Small businesses must precisely and effectively predict and plan for their financial demands. In order to support their development objectives, business executives must select the right sources of capital. Proper knowledge of finance will be one of the most important skills for creating long-term wealth in 2023. Being financially educated and well-informed is a must in today’s rapidly evolving global economy in order to make wise investment choices and attain financial security. Thus, individuals, small businesses and investors should look for credible and reliable personal finance blogs.

In addition to useful personal finance/investment advice, many finance websites also offer other real-time resources. For example, SeekingAlpha and MarketWatch are in association with NASDAQ Inc. (NASDAQ:NDAQ). By providing access to the platforms of Seeking Alpha and MarketWatch, NASDAQ Inc. (NASDAQ:NDAQ) enables investors, corporate executives, and industry professionals to access their blogs, news, and analysis. In contrast, Seeking Alpha and MarketWatch offer access to NASDAQ Inc. (NASDAQ:NDAQ)’s news and blogs, further assisting readers and contributors in their research and follow-up on Nasdaq-listed firms.

Investment is Key Now

The global economy will grow at a meager 1.6 percent this year, predicts JP Morgan Global Research, as financial circumstances become stricter. Moreover, investments in 2023 will be “rocky,” but those who stick with it will be rewarded. The most recent instances of an unexpected event that might frighten the markets are the collapses of Signature Bank and Silicon Valley Bank.

The COVID-19 pandemic, the dispute between Russia and Ukraine, the US-China conflict, the energy crisis, and the rise in natural disasters are all accelerating the transition to a new political order that will bring with it higher inflation, increased geopolitical unpredictability , and a struggle with fiscal policies in a world already rife with debt. Investors should anticipate a worsening of economic conditions.

25 Best Personal Finance and Investing Blogs

25 Best Personal Finance and Investing Blogs



We have ranked our list (in ascending order) based on the website traffic statistics provided by Similarweb US. This traffic indicates how many users have visited our websites on our list either on via web browser or through their mobile apps.

So, without further delay, let’s head towards the list of the Best Personal Finance and Investing Blogs.

25. Wise Bread

Similarweb Traffic = 467,827

Wise Bread is a personal finance blog dedicated to helping readers make wise investment and financial decisions. Founded in 2006, Wise Bread has received several awards, including About.com’s “PC Magazine’s Top 100 Websites,” “Personal Finance Blog of the Year,” “Kiplinger’s Best Financial Blogs,” and Liz Weston’s “Best Money Site.” Wise Bread stories are syndicated by a variety of media outlets, including Yahoo, US News & World Report, Entrepreneur Media, Reader’s Digest, The Huffington Post, and MSN Money.

24. The White Coat Investor

Similarweb Traffic = 568,900

The White Coat Investor is a platform that offers independent advice on personal finance and investment specifically tailored for high-income professionals. Designed exclusively for doctors, dentists, and other high-income individuals, it was founded in 2011 by Dr. James Dahle with the purpose of educating and empowering medical professionals to make informed financial decisions.

The website provides a wealth of resources, including articles, blog entries, podcasts, and forums, covering a wide range of topics such as retirement planning, investing, insurance, student loans, and tax strategies.

23.Financial Samurai

Similarweb Traffic = 635,400

A user may join more than 60,000 other members already registered at Financial Samurai and sign up for a free weekly newsletter to learn more about personal finance and investing and ensure that they are never unaware of the most significant events in the financial world. After the well-known financial crisis of 2007–2008, the owner of the website, Sam Dogen, launched it.

22.Money Under 30

Similarweb Traffic = 755,700

Money Under 30 is a personal finance website dedicated to assisting its users in accomplishing their monetary objectives. The website provides real-world advice for those under the age of 30 on a variety of topics, including how to start investing, how to save the initial $1,000, how to pay off school loans, and a great deal more. Those searching for the best personal finance and investing blogs for beginners should access this site, where young investors can benefit from the free guidance offered by the website, which focuses on a variety of financial topics such as mortgages, savings accounts, credit cards, auto insurance , and more.

21. The Millennial Money

Similarweb Traffic = 1.1 Million

The Millennial Money is a personal finance website owned by The Motley Fool. The website was created by Grant Sabatier after he became financially independent at the age of 30, saving $1.25 million. He is also the author of the book, titled, Financial Freedom. The website is aimed, to a large extent, towards the younger generations and covers topics like saving, investing and borrowing, among others.

20. The College of Investors

Similarweb Traffic = 1.2 Million

The Investor College is made to assist young adults and undergraduates with student loan repayment, money management, and wise investing choices. The aim of the site is to publish finance blogs for beginners who stress the need for them to get started early and make wise financial decisions, and it offers helpful tips and information to assist visitors in achieving their financial objectives.

19. 24/7 Wall Street

Similarweb Traffic = 1.3 Million

24/7 Wall St., LLC operates a website that offers financial news and commentary. Many of the biggest news portals and websites, such as USAToday, MSN MarketWatch, AOL, and newspaper and TV websites across America, reprint the company’s content.

The firm has followers all over Asia, North America, Africa, and the Middle East and publishes more than 30 articles every day.

18. Kiplinger

Similarweb Traffic = 3.0 Million

Kiplinger was founded in 1920 by WM Kiplinger and produced one of the earliest modern-era, popular newsletters in the United States. The organization is well-known for its website Kiplinger.com, a weekly business and economic forecasting and investment advice publication, The Kiplinger Letter, and Kiplinger’s monthly publication Personal Finance.

17. Zacks Investment Research

Similarweb Traffic = 3.2 Million

Zacks Investment Research provides financial analysis and data for expert financiers to aid in making better choices regarding investments for proprietary accounts and client investment accounts. For its wide range of consensus earnings-per-share (EPS) projections, Zacks is arguably the best recognized. The Zacks Rank, the company’s flagship product, is a proprietary stock grading system based on a mathematical examination of earnings projections and other variables.

16. Insider Monkey

Similarweb Traffic = 3.3 Million

Dr. Ian Dogan developed the hybrid assessment technique for Insider Monkey in 2003. The website is a source for financial news and commentary, with a focus on themes including insider trading, hedge funds, and other matters relating to investments. The website intends to provide the results of Dr. Ian Dogan’s methodologies to regular investors who lack access to academic-level research and relevant data.

15. Simply Wall Street

Similarweb Traffic = 4.4 Million

The editorial staff of Simply Wall Street offers thorough fundamental research to produce balanced, truthful news on international equities. The company’s “Snowflake” analysis, which offers a visual picture of a company’s financial health and development potential based on a range of parameters, including debt levels, earnings growth, and valuation indicators, is its standout feature. The website has over 5 million registered users.

14. The Penny Hoarders

Similarweb Traffic = 5.1 Million

The Penny Hoarder provides publications and other written and visual materials about how to earn, handle, and save money. Individuals who earn less than the typical household income mostly make up The Penny Hoarder’s target audience. Every week, the website produces roughly 20 articles on a variety of financial themes.

13. The Balance Money

Similarweb Traffic = 6.6 Million

The Balance is a member of the Dotdash Meredith family of websites and is based in New York City. The site’s design is more subdued than Dotdash’s other brands’ because it “reflects the weightiness of the topic,” explains Dotdash CEO Neil Vogel. The website launched with more than 34,000 pieces of material contributed by 70 writers.

12. Investors

Similarweb Traffic = 8.4 Million

Investor’s Business Daily, a financial news and research organization established in 1984, runs Investors.com. By using its effective IBD research tools and investing tactics, the website offers resources to assist users in making well-informed choices.

11. WalletHub

Similarweb Traffic = 8.4 Million

A personal financial website called WalletHub (previously known as CardHub.com) was introduced in August 2013. Its owner is Evolution Finance, Inc., and its headquartered in Miami, Florida. Free credit reports, credit scores, analysis as well as personal investing and finance news, articles, blogs and tools all are accessible through the website.

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