Your Weekly Work Horoscope for The Week of July 24, 2023

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Your Weekly Work Horoscope for The Week of July 24, 2023. Discover your Weekly Work Horoscope for each zodiac sign here.


Maybe a simple change in the way you look at things is in order. On Monday, something that seems out of reach is actually a lot closer than you realize. One of your friends can help you get what you want, as long as you ask for it in the right way. Tuesday and Wednesday, on the other hand, aren’t great days to ask for anything. The attitude is aggressive and uncomfortable. Disappear into the wallpaper until Thursday, when a brilliant idea sends you conquering unknown territory. Foreign culture figures prominently at the end of the week. Maybe you’ve unlocked a new business market?


Last week, work was in black and white; this week, color. Bright, exciting colors. It’s amazing what a weekend can do, huh? Suddenly the tasks you face seem fun and doable. As the week wears on, your enthusiasm will predictably fade a bit. Wednesday (characterized by jealousy and passion among your coworkers) will probably be a psychic low point. You’re smart to avoid others on Thursday and Friday and to keep your head concentrated on financial issues. Involvement in office politics never pays off. Saturday and Sunday are great personal days and a great time to make travel plans.


You are the ideas person at work at the beginning of the week. You dream up what the cookies will look like, and someone else rolls out the dough and puts them in the oven. You have a mind for starting projects, and you’re smart enough to know who to tap to see them through. You have the makings of a great leader. You spend the middle of the week in observation mode, assessing every aspect of the business, and the end of the week you and a select number of your work comrades share a congratulatory after-work celebration. The week is good. (But the weekend? Very mellow.)


There’s so much to deal with at home at the outset of the week, you might not go into work on Monday at all. If you do, the distraction of those issues at home will be a challenge. So will all the issues at work, frankly. You are tough enough to get through this week, but it certainly won’t be a cakewalk. Tuesday and Wednesday are clouded by an atmosphere of upheaval and indecision, and by Thursday your reserves of energy are depleted. Friday leaves you feeling torn (again) about something having nothing to do with work. This weekend, go it alone. Let your mind drift.


The magic of Monday is that everyone agrees with you. Even your weirder ideas are tremendously admired. This reception leads you, in turn, to open up even more. The blending of your work and personal lives is interesting to you, and something to be conscious of. Some days, like on Tuesday and Wednesday, it’s nice to imagine that there’s a clear divide between your coworkers and those friends who have nothing to do with your work. Whatever happens in the middle of the week (hint: watch for plotters), the end of the week sees you buoyed by great successes at work and in your love life.

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When you buy something big, you’re almost always going to feel pangs of doubt. Flashes of buyer’s regret are in the stars for you at the start of the week, but as soon as Tuesday or Wednesday, you’ll see that the investment you made was worth it. Lately you’ve had great discussions with coworkers and higher-ups about goals and values. You bring a lot to the table in these conversations. Part of you wants to act right away on the ideas you dream up, but late in the week someone will point out the benefits of going with the flow. This weekend, all that goes out the window. Go hog wild.


Monday begins at the proverbial office water cooler. Everyone is talking about the weekend or their personal lives or what they just saw on TV. The substance of the conversation matters less than the fact of the conversation itself. You know your coworkers are happy at work when they’re getting along like friends. Midweek, the chitchat comes to a standstill, what with all the work everyone suddenly has to do, but Thursday and Friday return the office to a sense of balance; people begin expressing themselves again. You end the week thankful for where you work.


Decisions don’t come easily on the first day of the week. Call on your colleagues to help you weigh the pros and cons of whatever it is you’re facing. You are more aware than ever of the power of group thinking. And your interest in other people’s ideas will have a better effect than you realize. In the middle of the week, coworkers are starting to refer to you as the star of the office. Your professional birth is underway. This is exciting stuff. At the end of the week, your head is crammed with big thoughts about your future. Be philosophical and forward-thinking.


The most notable thing in the office at the start of the week is the sound of laughter. Work is incredibly fun right now. Things seem just and fair. Lawyers figure prominently (but not in a bad way). Tuesday and Wednesday are cloudy days by comparison. Your subconscious is active and your imagination is more interesting to you than anything outside the world. That changes on Thursday, when the outside world seems to have more to offer than you’d yet realized. Friendship and confidence figure prominently at the end of the week, and money is the theme this weekend.


No matter how much energy you invest into work on Monday, the outcome of your efforts will not satisfy you. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t try. But go into the week knowing that the payoff for your hard work won’t present itself right away. Wednesday is an ideal time to organize your desk, and Thursday is the right day to build a structure for your business plans. By Friday, after you’ve invested a lot into the week and seen little in return, you may feel restless and dissatisfied. Remember to persevere. The fruits of your labors are ripening. Plus, your weekend will rock.


You know a lot about the world, but obviously there are things you don’t know yet. This is exciting for you at the beginning of the week. Someone whose personality is the polar opposite of yours can shed some interesting light on your work habits. And they can help you see things in a totally new way. Midweek, you find yourself questioning every aspect of your career (whether it’s what you want, whether you do it well), but by the end of the week those questions are somewhat beside the point. You are spending your days among great people. Work-wise, one can ask for little else.


When problems arise in a partnership on Monday, it dawns on you that you should be more adept at doing things on your own. It’s great to have a shoulder to lean on, but you have two healthy shoulders of your own and a head full of ideas. It can be galvanized to make decisions by yourself. Just make sure they’re good decisions. If you’re element of the terms of a deal midweek, don’t sign. If part of you wants to act inappropriately in front of an authority figure at the end of the week, exert self-control. Be that impressive person everyone else wants to emulate.

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