24HR Business Plan launches 24HR Marketing Plan

24HR Business Plan, a business growth consultancy, has launched a new product offering – the 24HR Marketing Plan – to further drive client growth opportunities.

Jarther Taylor will lead 24HR Marketing Plan (24HRMP), joined by renowned global marketing leaders David Rebetzke and Bronwyn Powell as the senior advisory team.

Aimed primarily at small to medium size business enterprises or larger companies with small marketing teams, 24HRMP builds on the successful principles of the 24HR Business Plan and will help organizations bridge the gap between business and marketing strategies.

Andrew Baxterfounder and senior advisor, 24HR Business Plan said the new offering enables companies to access highly experienced CMO’s to lead their marketing planning process.

It will equip companies with the ability to find market opportunities for their businesses and create a marketing strategy and actionable plan for growth and sales success.

Baxter said: “A massive 83 per cent of CEOs say marketing can be a major driver of growth yet it is estimated that 90 per cent of marketers never develop an integrated marketing strategy aligned to their business plan. 24HRMP is a working model based on the successes of 24HR Business Plan and works in partnership with clients to deliver brand and marketing-led growth strategies and most importantly a clear route to implement the plan.”

24HRMP’s team of senior advisors, consisting of Taylor, Rebetzke and Powell, bring a combined 60+ years of experience leading long-term marketing growth strategies across a wealth of iconic local and global brands, to the program.

The program offers clients unprecedented access to the senior advisory team and covers every aspect of a brand and its products in the market; from understanding the market context, to co-creating a clear strategy and ultimately developing an actionable marketing plan needed to drive sustainable market growth.

Taylor said: “I am excited to bring the proposition to market and have the opportunity to create something terrific and grow with it. And the best part of this opportunity is that we bring the incredible skills and capabilities of our Senior Advisory team and make them accessible to our clients.

“The scale and breadth of our senior advisors’ experience is unrivaled. Collectively we have distilled the best lessons learned from decades of marketing & business leadership into 24HRMP, so we can offer clients marketing skills and capabilities that are truly unique and brilliantly powerful.

“The program is targeted to businesses looking to lift their marketing capability by having access to experts with high level CMO credentials and a raft of international and local marketing experience.

24HR Business Plan - Bronwyn Powell and Jarther Taylor

Bronwyn Powell and Jarther Taylor

Over a total of 24 hours the program combines several collaborative workshops and strategic development focused on marketing’s core 4P’s to deliver a winning marketing strategy and executional plan.

Linda Apostolidis, managing director, NewyTechPeople, said: “We have grown incredibly quickly over 2 years and our brand has grown organically. Everything was in our heads and we executed on the fly.

“Having external advice to help build an overarching marketing strategy and roadmap, that we can execute on, works well for the size of our business. It forced us to stop and consider where we were going, and we changed direction on a couple of our previous brand decisions. We have a much clearer road ahead.

“The team are so knowledgeable and experts getting to the core of your brand essence and messaging. We are super excited to execute on our marketing strategy and be ready for the next phase of our growth,” she concluded.

Taylor continued: “Our mission is simple: help clients deliver actionable marketing plans based on a deep understanding of how marketing can lead their business’ growth agenda.

“We help teams understand where their business is currently positioned and with the right marketing tools in-hand, where it can go. We then work with the client to understand strategies for product, price, place and promotion specific to their brand and then empower them to create a real and actionable marketing plan for growth.

“We are excited to bring our proposition to market. We believe this is a really fresh approach – a bespoke marketing program – backed by some of the best marketing minds in Australia and accessible to all levels of business,” concluded Taylor.

Baxter concluded: “Collectively, the team’s deep local and global knowledge and hands-on marketing experience, has created a dream team to take this product to market. I can’t wait to watch the team bring the 24HR Marketing Plan to life, and influence the way clients create marketing plans to drive business growth.”

Top image: Andrew Baxter and David Rebetzke

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