5 Reasons Ariana & Katie’s Shop Will Beat Schwartz & Sandy’s

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Vanderpump Rules stars Katie Maloney and Ariana Madix are opening Something About Her, a boutique sandwich shop with an incredible menu, which is sure to do better than their exes lounge Schwartz & Sandy’s. Ariana, whose drama with her ex Tom Sandoval has been a huge part of the story of Vanderpump Rules season 10, has been thriving after her breakup. Katie and her ex, Tom Schwartz, have a more strained relationship these days after he failed to prioritize her or the agreements they’d made surrounding their friendship. While the nature of their relationship with their exes isn’t good, Katie and Ariana have bonded even more.

For the majority of Vanderpump Rules season 10, Katie had issues with Raquel Leviss, who she once considered a friend. Katie made an agreement with Schwartz early in the season that neither of them would hook up with anyone in their friend group, but Raquel didn’t respect Katie enough to keep her desires in check. Katie warned her other friends that Raquel was acting maliciously, but most didn’t believe her. After it was revealed that Sandoval had cheated on Ariana with Raquel for months, it became clear that Katie was right all along. Thankfully, their business wasn’t impacted by the drama, and seems like it will thrive.



5 Katie & Ariana Have Lisa’s Stamp Of Approval

Katie and Ariana have been long-time employees of Lisa Vanderpump, both working for her in restaurants and on Vanderpump Rules. Katie, who is an original cast member of the series, has worked personally for Lisa throughout the years, serving as an assistant of sorts for a time in the earlier years of the show. Ariana has always been an employee that Lisa raved about, even in her earliest appearances on the series, and the two of them opening a business together has been nothing short of exciting for Lisa. As Katie and Ariana move into a partnership, it’s clear that they would get Lisa’s support in their endeavours.

While Lisa has been a support system for the Tom’s in their business ventures, things between them and Lisa have been strained over the years. Before opening Schwartz & Sandy’s, Lisa took Tom and Tom under her wing with TomTom. Throughout the experience, it was clear that the Toms weren’t quite as business savvy as they made themselves out to be. In contrast, Lisa has observed Ariana and Katie as they’ve worked through the hurdles of their business plan and offered her support throughout. Lisa has given Katie and Ariana’s Something About Her her stamp of approval, which is huge for new business owners.

4 Something About Her Already Has A Huge Following

Katie and Ariana were savvy when it came to social media, so they knew they were leveraging them Vanderpump Rules fame for their business’s success was going to be necessary. While Something About Her has been in the works for years, the timing of it coming together has been a huge marker of its success so far. With Ariana pushed more into the public eye after the infamous Scandoval broke, it could’ve been difficult for her to try and use the extra attention to her advantage, but she took every opportunity that came to her instead.

Leveraging public attention for personal gain, the Vanderpump Rules cast and fans began to push Something About Her’s social platforms even more. Even though their shop is yet to open, Katie and Ariana also have a merch shop for Something About Her, where fans can purchase shirts, hats, and phone cases that support the business. By using their social status to influence the success of their business, Katie and Ariana are already leaps beyond Schwartz & Sandy’s, who have a vastly smaller social media presence.

3 The Vanderpump Rules Duo Went In With A Plan

While it’s clear that Katie and Ariana had ideas for their business before making the move to go through with it, the ideas weren’t the only thing keeping their dreams afloat. As serious entrepreneurs, Katie and Ariana were certain to have a business plan in place before they even began to work on Something About Her. The two were incredibly serious in their planning stages and did their best to go into their partnership with open minds and communication. It was clear that they treated each other with respect and had a foundation of understanding in their decision-making, prioritizing their business and their friendship.

While the Tom’s have always been interested in the success of their business, it’s clear that as partners, they come to decisions with emotions running high most of the time. Katie and Ariana have always had a friendly relationship and have certainly become closer since starting their business, but they haven’t come into business-minded conversations with emotions. Keeping things cool and calm has been a great benefit to their overall success and the ability to be clear-headed in their decision-making.

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2 Katie & Ariana Leveraged Their Breakups For Business

With some of the most difficult times of their lives crashing down over them, Katie and Ariana have been able to leverage their pain for business success. Taking the struggles they’ve faced in their mutual breakups, the Vanderpump Rules stars have been able to use pain to fuel their desire to succeed. Katie, who divorced Schwartz in 2022, has used her newfound freedom to travel and research, pouring herself into Something About Her in a way that’s refreshing to see on Vanderpump Rules. Now that Ariana is on her own, it’s likely that she will behave similarly.

Both women prioritize their business and are putting a lot of care into making the shop a success. With their social media and merchandise already being geared towards Something About Her whenever possible, it’s been fascinating to watch Katie and Ariana take their pain and put it into something they’re incredibly passionate about. Seeing the opposite with Tom and Tom, who struggled to get things together and open Schwartz & Sandy’s for months, it’s clear that Katie and Ariana are cut out for the business-owner lifestyle.

1 Something About Her Is A Niche Business

While Schwartz & Sandy’s is a lounge offering food and drinks and photo ops in their various aesthetically pleasing setups, it isn’t a niche environment that doesn’t already exist in Los Angeles. Even TomTom, Lisa’s venture with Tom and Tom, is a bar and restaurant, which isn’t much of a rarity either. Neither serve a specific niche nor do they have a unique type of customer that would come in or become a regular. Something About Her, in contrast, is a niche space that would operate to a specific audience.

While anyone can enjoy a sandwich, which makes Something About Her even more competitive, it’s clear that the business has some incredibly specific parts that make it unique. As a female-owned business in the male-dominated restaurant space, Something About Her will allow its patrons to support two successful women who know what they’re talking about. Creating unique, delicious food in an aesthetically curated space, the Vanderpump Rulesstars are going to be making a name for themselves in the sandwich-making space. For Katie and Ariana, here’s hoping their success is quick and overwhelming.

Vanderpump Rules airs Wednesdays at 9 pm EST on Bravo.

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