Should You Hire a Consultant for Your Small Business?

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As a small business owner, you may want to do it all, from managing staff to overseeing your product line. And you may be the person who personally signs every check your business issues and pays the credit card bill every month.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from the perspective of an outside professional. And so you may be at the point where you’re thinking of hiring a consultant to assess your business and make recommendations for improvements.

Of course, the only real downside to going this route is the cost involved. But if you’re willing to make that investment, it might truly pay off in the long run. Here are a few signs that it could be a good time to bring in a consultant.

1. You’re burning through cash

These days, a lot of small businesses are spending more money than usual to cover their costs. So are consumers, for that matter. We can thank inflation for that. In fact, 26% of small business owners reported that inflation was their single biggest issue in January, according to the National Federation of Independent Business.

But whether you’re burning through cash due to inflation or another reason, that’s a pattern you generally do not want to uphold. It might take a consultant to help you identify ways to trim your spending so you don’t put your venture at risk.

2. Your growth has stagnated

Inflation is generally a sign of a strong economy, even though that may not seem like the case. In fact, the economy has been strong since staging a recovery in 2021. But if your business’s growth has come to a standstill, it means the problem may be with your venture, not the broad economy. In that case, it could pay to have a consultant come in and identify ways to regain momentum.

3. You’re not sure if the time is right to expand

Between recession warnings and inflation, growing your business might read like a risky prospect these days. A consultant could help you make the decision as to whether it’s a good time to expand or not. They can also help you understand the ramifications of not expanding versus taking that chance.

4. You’re looking to streamline operations

There may be aspects of your business that could work more effectively, whether it’s the way you fulfill customer orders, do your marketing, or run payroll. A consultant might be able to identify ways you can streamline your operations and save yourself and your staff valuable time.

And when you’re running a business, saved time can equal saved money, or more revenue.

Hiring a consultant doesn’t just mean paying a fee for a professional’s advice. It also means putting yourself out there and acknowledging that you may not have all the answers when it comes to business decisions. But if these signs apply to you, then bringing in a small business consultant could be not only a smart move, but one that prevents a host of unfavorable financial consequences.

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