HP Introduces Advanced Sustainable Printing Solutions for Growing Businesses

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HP has announced the new HP Color LaserJet 4200/4300 and the HP Color LaserJet Enterprise 5000/6000 and X500/X600 printing solutions, all powered by HP’s next-generation sustainable toner technology, TerraJet. This environmentally-friendly toner delivers up to 27 percent reduced energy usage and up to 78 percent less plastic in the packaging. These high-performance printing solutions are designed to maximize productivity and minimize disruptions in hybrid work environments.

The launch was announced at the Amplify Partner Conference in Chicago. HP’s Global Head & General Manager, Office Print Hardware, Xavier Garcia, explains that flexible work arrangements are here to stay, making it essential for businesses to provide distributed workforce productivity. The new LaserJet series is designed for small businesses to optimize productivity with easy, reliable and professional printing, scaling as businesses grow.

TerraJet Toner for Sustainable and High-Performance Printing

HP’s TerraJet toner technology represents the most sustainable and highest performance office printing HP has ever achieved. TerraJet boasts 27 percent less energy consumption during printing, up to 78 percent reduction in plastic, and 20 percent more printable colors, all while providing sharper detail. TerraJet cartridges are designed for a lower carbon footprint than their predecessors and are compatible with new printing solutions ranging from small businesses to large enterprises.

Optimizing Productivity for Small Businesses

With an increasing number of small businesses adopting hybrid workstyles, it’s crucial to manage technology effectively in a hybrid workplace. The HP Color LaserJet 4200/4300 series aims to improve efficiency and enhance manageability while maintaining the quality that small businesses expect from the LaserJet Pro series. Key features of the 4200/4300 series include 25 percent faster print speeds, HP Smart Admin Dashboard for all-in-one printer management, and compatibility with HP TerraJet Toner Cartridges for reduced environmental impact.

Scalable Solutions for Hybrid Offices

As small businesses grow and their printing needs become more complex, they require scalable printers that meet their changing requirements. HP Color LaserJet Enterprise 5000/6000 and X500/X600 series printers are designed for growing businesses, providing the productivity and efficiency of an A3 copier at the cost of an A4 printer. These printers can be customized without sacrificing power, productivity or security. Key features include industry-first customization with configure-to-order options, a productivity and workflow hub with digital editing on the device, and the world’s most secure printing with HP Wolf Security.

HP’s advanced sustainable printing solutions demonstrate the company’s commitment to providing environmentally responsible printing options that cater to the evolving needs of growing businesses in today’s hybrid work environments.

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