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Learn about opportunities for exceptional candidates at all levels of experience with McKinsey’s Marketing & Sales Practice.

People join our Marketing & Sales Practice for several reasons. Most of our consultants are already experienced professionals in marketing and sales and are looking for a new intellectual challenge. Some join in order to broaden their knowledge and learn more in their chosen field of marketing and sales. Others emphasize the desire to accelerate their careers and gain new perspectives.

The qualities we look for in candidates:

  • Marketing expertise. You should offer achievements and several years of experience in marketing and sales. The successful candidate will have a broad understanding of current marketing trends, their impact on business strategies, and their implications for senior management in creating and sustaining competitive advantage. You should be comfortable with quantitative analysis and take a creative, yet pragmatic approach to problem solving.

  • Problem-solving ability. You should be reliant and excel at solving problems that require logical reasoning, creative thinking, and comfort with numbers.

  • personal impact. You should be able to show that you have influenced the people around you through assertiveness, empathy, open communication and an aptitude for teamwork.

  • leadership. You should take initiative frequently and be eager to break new ground, create opportunities for others, and take personal risks.

  • Drive and achievement. You should have the energy and tenacity to get things done.

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