Own a Small Business? Here’s How to Sneak Away on a Summer Vacation

Running a small business is no easy feat — namely, because you’re responsible for pretty much everything. Even if you have an accountant to manage your books, you might still feel compelled to check up on your banking records frequently to keep tabs on your company’s finances. And even if you have an HR manager, you might still feel compelled to intervene when on-the-job conflicts arise, or when new hires come on board.

As such, the idea of ​​taking a vacation this summer might seem downright laughable. And you wouldn’t be alone in that feeling.

Data from OnDeck reveals that only 57% of small business owners take vacations. But not getting a break from the grind could wreak havoc on your mental health. It could also cause tension within your household if the rest of your family is desperate for a getaway and you refuse to travel because you’re afraid of being away from work.

If you’re interested in taking a summer vacation this year, you should know what can be done. You just need a little advanced planning and the right strategy.

Allow yourself to get away

Not taking the occasional vacation and break from work could lead to a serious case of burnout. And that has the potential to impact your long-term productivity. So think of a summer vacation as an investment in your long-term performance on the job.

With that said, there are steps you can take to make a summer vacation more feasible. First, commit to a date in advance and let everyone at your company know. That will set the expectation that you won’t be available for a period of time, and that certain tasks requiring your approval or oversight will have to be completed ahead of your travels or otherwise postponed until you get back.

Next, make a list of the various tasks you do — even the small ones that only take 10 minutes a week — and delegate each and every one of them to another employee. That way, you won’t have to worry about things falling apart if you’re away for a period of time. It will also give the people assigned those tasks an opportunity to ask questions and make sure they understand what’s expected of them while you’re gone.

Finally, think about the general flow of business during the summer. Is July busier than August? Do things tend to calm down in the weeks before school starts? If so, you may want to plan your trip for late August, or whenever it makes the most sense for your business.

Don’t assume a vacation is off the table

The idea of ​​taking an extended break from your small business might seem overwhelming. But if you don’t allow yourself to get away, you might get overwhelmed by the constant pressure that comes with being the person in charge. And so it’s worth making the effort to treat yourself to a vacation, even if it means having to do a fair amount of planning ahead of time.

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