This lifetime Rosetta Stone bundle is on sale for 74% off

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Rosetta Stone on tablets

Rosetta Stone on tablets

TL;DR: The Unlimited Lifetime Learning Subscription Bundle is on sale for £153.11, saving you 74% on list price.

Just because you finished school or uni doesn’t mean you have to stop learning. Whether you want to pick up a new language, make a career change, or study a new subject, this online learning course package may interest you. Get a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone and more than a thousand StackSkills courses. Always have something new to study with the Unlimited Lifetime Learning Bundle, just £153.11.

Learn French, Italian, Spanish, German, Greek, Chinese (Mandarin), or eighteen other languages ​​with Rosetta Stone. Begin with simple exercises like matching words with images. When you feel ready, move on to interactive lessons to gain basic conversational skills like ordering at restaurants and travel words. You can eventually work towards more advanced topics like sharing opinions and discussing pop culture.

Rosetta Stone’s speech-recognition technology uses the power of AI to analyze your spoken words and accent to provide you with instant feedback. This can help you become more confident in your speech when interacting with native speakers in your community or on your next international trip.

Studying a new language is a way to immerse yourself in other cultures, connect with new people, and even open up new career opportunities.

StackSkills is an online learning platform that offers beginner-to-master courses in IT, development, graphic design, finance, business, marketing, and more. After purchase, you get instant access to a preselected library of over a thousand courses. Over 50 new courses are added every month, so you might always have something new to learn.

Many of the StackSkills courses also include certificates of completion which are in strong demand in the hiring world. If you’re looking to make a career change, earn a promotion, or spiff up your CV with some new skills, these courses might be the way to do it.

Rosetta Stone lessons and StackSkills courses can be completed from your desktop or mobile device from anywhere with internet access. Master a new language or skill to achieve personal and professional goals.

Never stop growing with the Unlimited Lifetime Learning Subscription Bundle, now just £153.11.

Rosetta Stone on tablets

Rosetta Stone on tablets

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